Properties with solid walls lose around 45% of their heat through walls. These properties are often referred to as ‘hard to treat’ when it comes to trying to insulate them as the options are restricted to expensive external cladding which alters the appearance of a building or fitting insulated plasterboard internally which reduce room dimensions.

Damp and Mould Control’s external waterproofing treatment with STORMDRY prevents heat loss and is much cheaper and less disruptive than having solid wall insulation installed.

The treatment is best explained by the following analogy: If you get caught in a heavy rain shower without an umbrella you are going to get soaked through and you begin to feel very cold and you’ll want to take off the wet clothes as soon as you get home.

The reason behind this is that all wet materials such as clothes, brickwork –anything that gets wet, conduct or transfer more heat readily than dry materials. In the case of building materials a completely saturated brick will transfer approximately twice as much heat as an identical dry brick.

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